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Finance & Control - graduate opportunities

Photo: Ole Jørgen Bratland

The finance and control (F&C) function is the driving force behind performance and creating greater value in the company. We ensure financing across our value chain and are responsible for financial information internally and externally.

The F&C function provides professional support and advice to business units and corporate executive management. We also represent Equinor in the financial markets and are responsible for the interaction with equity analysts and investors.

Meet one of our graduates

Portrait photo
Lien Thi Hai Nguyen, graduate, Finance & Control

How would you describe the purpose of the finance and control business in Equinor?

For a constantly changing and evolving company like Equinor, the Finance & Control function is an important and indispensable part of an organisation. We are one of the key departments that provides management with valuable insights that facilitate decision-making processes and align the company's compliance with current regulations.

What has surprised you the most during your time on the graduate programme?

I was amazed at how people think about "change". Normally, people are quite hesitant to change a familiar job. But at Equinor, and of course we have a why-change Q&A, but what surprises me is that almost everyone has a desire for positive change and to contribute to those changes "together".

Of everything you’ve learnt on the programme so far, what has had the biggest impact on you and your career?

It is difficult to come up with one specific thing because all the experiences and lessons I have learnt have been valuable. But being part of a transition and technology development in itself is an inspiration. It’s helped me build up competence with advance digital tools and inspired me to think out of the box and deliver work in an efficient way.

What can I do in Finance & Control?

Our graduates mainly work within the areas of:

  • Investment and portfolio analysis.
  • Performance management.
  • Financing, capital distribution, financial risk management, cash management, and compliance & control.
  • Accounting, financial reporting and financial compliance including verification activities.
  • Business architecture, business analytics and digitalization.

F&C is also responsible for tax, risk management and investor relations. A graduate rotation into one of these disciplines is also possible.

Who can apply?

We’re looking for graduates from the following degree subjects and disciplines:

Master's degrees in Accounting, Finance, Business, Economics, Administration, Economic Policy, Strategy.

Where can I work?

Graduates in this area could be assigned to any of the following locations:

Norway (multiple locations)

Brazil (Rio)