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Safety, security and sustainability (SSU) - summer internship opportunities

Photo: Ole Jørgen Bratland

Our strategy – always safe, high value, and low-carbon – positions us to deliver long-term value in a low-carbon future.

Safety is our first priority. We believe all accidents related to people, the environment, and assets can be prevented. The goal of zero injuries has become a part of how we think and work, with a strong focus on continuous improvement.

Today, SSU works primarily with oil and gas projects. But we are in a transition and building momentum towards supporting our growing renewable and low carbon solutions business.

Meet some of our previous interns

As an intern, you’ll work on meaningful tasks within your chosen field whilst gaining a broad understanding of the energy sector and our role in the energy transition.

Watch four of our 2022 interns share their experience of the programme.

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What projects or tasks could I work on?

The role of the Safety and Sustainability organization is to enable strategies, safeguard people and the company, drive performance and innovation to set a high standard for sustainable global business.

You may find yourself working within the following sectors of our Safety and Sustainability discipline:

  • Safety
  • Climate and Sustainability
  • Governance, Assurance and Risk management
  • Health and Working Environment
  • Security, Crisis and Business Continuity management
  • Excellence Services
  • Techonlogy development, Digitalization and Innovation

We deliver critical support to our oil & gas business and to our growing global renewable business. We are seeking highly motivated and skilled summer interns to help support our business from our global competence centre.

Who can apply?

A wide range of technical, social, and economic studies are relevant within the SSU area. These include safety, energy and environmental science, material science, social science, industrial economics, chemistry, medical studies, law, psychology, and other business-related studies.

Which locations could I be based at?

Interns in this area could be assigned to any of the following locations:

Norway (Stavanger, Bergen, Trondheim, Oslo, Stjørdal)