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Many of the greatest heroes of tomorrow will become engineers and technologists – people who find new and smarter solutions to one of our time’s biggest challenges: Producing enough energy for the world’s population while reducing emissions.

To us in Equinor it is crucial to facilitate development. Progress is totally dependent on innovation, and the future is totally dependent on progress – because the solutions of tomorrow need the Heroes of Tomorrow.

It is therefore important that more young people study natural sciences. It is not only important to Equinor but to Norway as a nation. Here you can see some of our collaboration partners in natural sciences.

Our partners

We’re cheering on everyone who has found their own world.

Teach first 

About our sponsorship

We are happy to support talented youths in sports, culture and natural sciences, and help them become Heroes of Tomorrow.

Sponsorship agreements give us the opportunity to support local communities, and consequently we have decided to support talent development activities through our “Heroes of Tomorrow” programme. Equinor is collaborating with many partners and organisations, but we are currently not entering any new partnerships. Applications will for the time being not be processed.