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In collaboration with some of the main Norwegian associations, Equinor is helping promote sports talents. We want to be an active partner in talent development and through our support give young athletes an opportunity to focus entirely on their own development and what they live for.

Our partners

Foto: NTB Scanpix

This is the new Norwegian cross-country talent:
“She may become the best in the world”

We’re cheering on everyone who has found their own world.

See the diversity of our talent development programme

Here you can meet the young talents we are proudly sponsoring – and look at several of our efforts in education, sports and culture through their eyes.

About our sponsorship

We are happy to support talented youths in sports, culture and natural sciences, and help them become Heroes of Tomorrow.

Sponsorship agreements give us the opportunity to support local communities, and consequently we have decided to support talent development activities through our “Heroes of Tomorrow” programme. Equinor is collaborating with many partners and organisations, but we are currently not entering any new partnerships. Applications will for the time being not be processed.