Challenge yourself on some of the most advanced engineering projects on the NCS.

The Norwegian Continental Shelf is a hub of technological development for the oil & gas industry, and our engineers are at the forefront of this innovation. We’re leading the charge to produce oil & gas more responsibly, efficiently and sustainably than anywhere else in the world. Join us and you’ll work with cutting-edge technology to help transform the way we extract natural resources. 


We’re recruiting across a range of engineering disciplines including electrical, piping, automation, process, mechanical and cyber-security. We’re also looking for experts in project and programme management and planning.

Where you’ll work

We’re looking for engineers and project experts to join our Development and Production team as well as our Operations Technology entity.

Illustration image from Melkøya

Development and Production Norway
Development and Production Norway (DPN) is responsible for safe and efficient operations on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS).

Decades of experience on the NCS have given us a deep understanding of its geology, fields, and what is required to succeed there. This expertise enables us to manage reserves responsibly, so that we can secure jobs and energy supplies for many years to come. 

We currently operate 42 fields, producing 2.5 million* barrels a day from giants such as Johan Sverdrup, Troll and Statfjord and smaller fast-track projects.

*Including volume from our partners

Operations Technology
Our Operations Technology (OTE) team enables Equinor to lead the way in development and production innovation, safety and efficiency.

Using digital tools to provide our offshore operations with instant access to data, OTE engineers and project leads help identify issues and opportunities to improve decision-making. This vital work is one of the reasons why Equinor is set to be one of the most efficient and sustainable producers of oil and gas on the NCS for many years to come.

Our Integrated Operations Centre (IOC) and the Geo Operations Centre (GOC) are perfect examples of how  Operations Technology is shaping the future of production on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. 

Why Equinor?

Process engineer Maren Roll Lied
Photo: Ole Jørgen Bratland / Equinor

Our work on the NCS is central to our local and international commitments to climate change and emission reduction, so you’ll be joining a team at the heart of our efforts to shape the future of energy, starting with the transformation of how we extract oil and gas.

Our DPN and OTE teams exemplify the collaborative culture that makes Equinor such a rewarding place to work. You’ll be working alongside creative thinkers, people with different perspectives, and who are not afraid of tackling projects others may find daunting. We believe that open minds and a diversity of experience and disciplines fuels innovation and makes us more resilient.

As well as investing in some of the most advanced projects on the NCS, Equinor is well-known for investing in its employees. We offer career-long opportunities for personal and professional development and take the wellbeing of our employees very seriously. Our product may be energy, but our greatest resource will always be our people.

Equinor – the bigger picture

Johan Sverdrup installation
Photo: Woldcom

In Norway, we aim to reduce absolute greenhouse emissions from our operated offshore fields and onshore plants by 70% by 2040, down to near zero by 2050. That’s why we are working on making substantial improvements in the efficiency of oil and gas production. For example, the production of oil from our Johan Sverdrup field is setting a new standard for CO2 efficiency, with emissions below 1kg per barrel, compared to a global average of around 18kg. We’re also a leader in the development of land-based power supply to our offshore assets that enables this reduction.

50 billion NOK

Investment required with our partners to meet our 2030 ambition of 40% emissions reduction

23 million +

Tonnes of carbon dioxide have been permanently stored by Equinor

1 million

households supplied with renewable energy from our windfarms

We are also exploring:

  • Supplying NCS oil and gas platforms with renewable energy from floating windfarms
  • Carbon-capture solutions and hydrogen power
  • By 2030, 15-20% of our investments will be in new energy solutions

To solve some of the world’s biggest energy challenges, we need your energy. Join forces with us, and together, we can change things for the better.

Shaping the future through engineering

For 40 years we've been delivering some of the most ambitious engineering projects on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. Here are a few of the achievements we're most proud of. 

Aasta Hansteen, the deepest field on the Norwegian Continental Shelf 

Johan Sverdrup, the field with the lowest production carbon emissions 

Asgard subsea compression, improving recovery and reducing carbon emissions