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It is our people who enable us to meet our challenges and deliver on our promises. We need your skills and personal commitment as well as effective leadership to reach our goals. We believe in involving our people and their appropriate representatives in the development of our group.

People partnership

We establish and grow a partnership between our group and the individual based on clear expectations and a mutual commitment to the way we behave, deliver and develop.

What you should expect from our group and what the group expects from you:


  • Promote a stimulating work environment guided by our values and a commitment to your personal and professional development
  • Provide a good match between your professional interests and goals and challenging and meaningful job opportunities
  • Build a high-performing environment, and give direct feedback on your performance
  • Recognise and reward your performance based equally on what you deliver and how you behave
  • Value diversity and provide equal opportunities


  • Live our values in all aspects of your work
  • Recognise that change is vital to our business, commit to agreed objectives, and strive to deliver beyond expectations
  • Take the initiative and look continuously for ways to improve performance. Take responsibility for your own learning and development, continuously build new skills and share your knowledge
  • Respect and motivate others, are a team player and create effective working relationships
  • Are proactive in ensuring high-quality decision-making.

Our common career model

We have a common career model for leaders and professionals which guides us in developing the expertise required to meet our business needs. It provides a clear direction for your career planning, and highlights the broad range of career opportunities which we as a group can offer.

The career model is based on stages in which progression depends on your performance and potential. It supports the creation of development plans and deployment opportunities.


Our leadership

Photo of Statoil employee Christian Devold

Leaders in Equinor are role models for our values. This means always putting the safety and security of our people first, understanding risks, and acting with integrity and high ethical standards in everything they do.

Leaders take full accountability for their results, and work together as one EQUINOR to:
Shape our future:
Look for opportunities to improve our operations and business, and act on them.
Empower people: Set and communicate a clear direction, trust our people to deliver and collaborate across boundaries.
Deliver results: Demonstrate a commercial mindset, add value and make a difference for Equinor.

How we work

Picture of three guys standing in front of a platform talking
  • We need people with integrity who identify with our values and are committed to teamwork, who have proven their ability to deliver, and who are able to change and learn
  • We all need to take opportunities to develop and perform, to grow and to share. Together, we make sure that each of us has the right knowledge, skills and support to get the job done. We all teach and learn
  • We all set clear, challenging and value-adding goals and deliver on these. We give and receive direct and continuous feedback to help us change and improve
  • We reward and recognise delivery and behaviour equally.
  • Performance is both what you deliver and how you behave.
  • Our rewards and recognition are designed to attract and retain the right people — people who perform, change and learn.
  • We care about each other, and create a safe and healthy working environment.
  • We recognise the need for flexibility, and respect the fact that people have changing needs over the course of their careers.
  • We regard an understanding of the cultures in which we work as essential to the success of our operations around the world.
  • We believe in diversity and equality of opportunity. We prohibit discrimination and harassment in the workplace.
  • We believe that open and honest communication is essential in all aspects of our work.
  • We involve our people on business and organisational issues, and their appropriate representatives in accordance with local practice.
  • Management, our people and their representatives are jointly responsible for initiating and actively supporting and contributing to collaboration. It is essential to have a good and confidence-based relationship between our people, their representatives and our company.

Our approach

We ensure quality in the selection and development of our people to give us the expertise we need for delivering excellent results. We are committed to:

  • Attracting and selecting the right people
  • Providing opportunities for people to grow
  • Encouraging our people to take responsibility for their own development
  • Incorporating our values in everything we do
  • Rewarding our people on the basis of their performance – delivery and behaviour
  • Creating a caring and inspiring working environment which promotes diversity

Verification of former Statoil/Equinor employees

Background checks of candidates are important for companies in a recruitment process. The purpose is to verify information provided in the application form and CV to ensure that the right person is recruited to the company.

If you represent a recruitment firm or screening/background check company and require verification of a former Statoil or Equinor employee, you can send us a request to the following email address:

The following documents should be attached to the email request:

  • A consent signed by the former employee and
  • A Statoil/Equinor letter of recommendation (for verification)

Our feedback will normally be given within four working days. If verification is needed for personnel working in a third party company for Statoil/Equinor, for example external consultants or contract personnel, please contact their employer. If you are an employer and have a need for a candidate reference check, please ensure that you get all contact information from the candidate, and contact the referenced person in Equinor directly.