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For decades, the world has been amazed by innovative solutions. In 1985 we had a breakthrough placing pipelines along the Norwegian trench. Today, autonomous robots run advanced underwater operations along the gloomy seabed. As the main partner of UKA-17, we announce an innovation challenge where you can win a summer internship at Statoil in 2018. Change is inevitable. Join our challenge to make sure the change moves in the right direction.

Shaping the future of Energy

How will we live in the future? Where will our energy come from? No-one knows for sure, but there are two things we do know: the world will need more energy, and emissions must be reduced. In Statoil, we will play a role in creating the low-carbon society of the future—and the value creation that goes with it. 

The question we posed was: How?

The winners

The winner of UKA2017 Innovation Challenge: Group 3, Startoil!

The ranking of our top 3 finalists was left to popular vote on facebook, and Startoil secured the first prize by receiving 61% of the votes!

Startoil responded to our challenge no 3: "In what ways can we add value to the communities we enter into, and how can we measure our impact?" Vind eller forsvinn came second and Team Tera finshed third. Both responded to challenge no 1: "How can we achieve a constant supply of renewable energy".

See all the ideas from our three finalists below.

Group 1 finalists
Team Tera

Group 2 finalists
Vind eller forsvinn

Group 3 finalists

The challenge is over but you can find out more below


About UKA-17 Innovation Challenge 

As the main partner for UKA-17, Statoil is proud to announce UKA-17 Innovation Challenge. We invite students to share their best ideas on some of Statoil’s complex challenges. We have described three different challenges that we seek input to.

Statoil and UKA have collaborated since 2003 and there has been close and good cooperation throughout 14 years. Statoil has helped UKA to develop, both through expertise and financial contributions - and in UKA-17, our good cooperation continues. We are looking forward to being part of three exciting weeks and celebrating UKA’s 100th anniversary!

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