The world is changing. So are we.

When it comes to energy, things need to change. Doing the same thing and expecting different results has to stop. Our planet needs us. Now. And we’re not afraid of change. To prove it, we’ve started by changing our name. Statoil is now Equinor. We’re an international energy company with 20,000 committed colleagues in more than 30 countries.

As a large, global energy company, change means that we’re continuously evolving and finding innovative solutions to our toughest energy challenges. We’re implementing new technologies to reduce our carbon footprint. We’re also expanding our oil and gas focus to include more sustainable energy solutions like wind and solar. 

 Seeing opportunity in the transition to a low-carbon future


This isn’t greenwashing. We changed our name to Equinor to reflect our transition from being focused on oil and gas to becoming a broad energy company. As we adapt to our surroundings, we will continue to develop oil, gas, wind and solar power. Equinor will be focused on three important areas.


We will produce oil and gas that the world needs, competitively and with lower greenhouse gas emissions. 


We will grow significantly within renewable energy with an ambition to invest around NOK 100 billion over the next few years


We will actively stress-test our business to ensure that we are competitive in a low carbon future. 

The global energy markets are facing major changes, but we view this as an opportunity. Equinor can help drive change with more climate-efficient oil and gas production and strong growth in profitable renewable energy. Which resources are produced, how and what is left in the ground matters to us. We rely on new, low-emission production and won’t explore for heavy oil or consider entering oil sands. The process of establishing renewables as an important and profitable part of our business is well underway

Are you a supplier to Equinor – or do you want to become one? 

Innovation and technology. Stronger together

For almost 50 years we’ve been developing technology to extract resources from some of the most challenging environments in the world—giving us the mind-set, experience and enthusiasm to implement innovative technologies.

At Equinor, we’re technology optimists. We believe new technology can lower carbon emissions and make the world a better place. For example, looking back we see how hydroelectric engineering expertise helped Norway produce forward-thinking offshore concrete constructions, such as Troll. And our offshore expertise made us a world leader in subsea technology. This experience and spirit of open innovation will continue to keep Equinor at the forefront of our energy future.

Innovation and technology will be key to our competitiveness. No one entity can solve all the challenges our industry faces. That’s why we invest in collaborative research and development with ambitious innovators, such as NASA and Microsoft, to grow ideas that can turn into sustainable solutions. 


Our business in the US

Some of Equinor’s most exciting development work is taking place in the United States, one of our key innovation hubs worldwide. We have experienced strong growth in US shale gas production since we entered our first play in 2008.

Our shale gas and oil business began in the US through active partnerships in the Marcellus play spanning several states in the eastern US, the Eagle Ford play in south Texas, and our own operatorship of tight oil activities in North Dakota's Bakken play.

At Equinor, making a positive difference in the communities where we live, and work is deeply ingrained in our culture. Through company sponsorships and donations, we support various organizations that are bettering communities and improving the lives of the people in those communities. Our sponsorships focus on supporting talented young people in sport, culture and education, helping them to become the Heroes of Tomorrow.