Our task is to provide the energy that the world needs, while supplying it in the most sustainable and responsible way. It’s not an easy job, but we strongly believe that with the right people, passion and curiosity, it will be possible.

One of the greatest challenges facing the world today is how to transition to a low-carbon global economy, while at the same time providing the energy that is required to fuel booming demand across the globe. In Statoil we are at the heart of that challenge. While undoubtedly daunting, we believe a solution is possible. Why are we so optimistic? Quite simply, because of our people.

Our industry is all about problem solving. From its very inception, the energy industry has had to innovate constantly in order to survive and grow, creating efficiencies, adapting to new environments and maintaining competiveness in the face of constant change. And in Statoil, the solutions to these challenges have always come from our employees. 

We are certain that once again it is the passion of our employees, present or future, which will enable the transition to a new energy future.

Fundamental changes are now happening in our industry, and our job is to turn them into opportunities. To do so, we must work together to create our future Statoil. Each and every one of our employees has the power to help shape our future.

– Eldar Sætre, CEO


In Statoil, passion is not just an abstract ideal, it is what gives us a competitive edge. Passion is what drives our employees to shape the future of energy and solve the challenges we face today. Where others see problems, we see opportunities. For us passion means innovation, collaboration and a commitment to doing things differently. 


Statoil is an international energy company employing over 20,000 people in more than 30 countries. Our operations range from the production of approximately 70% of oil and gas on the Norwegian Continental Shelf to the development of offshore wind off the coast of the UK; from the production of oil and gas in Africa to the construction of installations in South Korea. What binds such disparate activities and people together is a collective passion for pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Below you can meet some of the people at the forefront of our profession.