Satellitt-kontrakter tildelt

January 5, 1999, 10:00 CET

Contracts have been awarded to two Norwegian companies for Phase 2 of Statoil's Gullfaks satellites project in the North Sea.

The biggest job has gone to Aker Offshore Partner for modifications on Gullfaks C, while Umoe Olje og Gass will be responsible for similar work on the A platform.

Phase two of the development covers export of gas and associated liquids in Gullfaks South and Rimfaks, two of the three satellites - the third being Gullveig - being brought on stream in the first phase.

The latter involves all oil and condensate reserves in these fields which do not require allocation of a gas sales contract. All gas produced in this phase is being injected.

A plan for development and operation of the first phase was approved by the Norwegian authorities in March 1996, with production starting last autumn.

Field data for the second phase has been reported to the Norwegian Gas Supply Committee (FU) for inclusion in the allocation process for 1997 on the basis of an early commitment of gas reserves in Gullfaks South's Brent formation.

A non-binding offer to deliver gas at a later date from the Statfjord formation in this field and Rimfaks has been made to the FU.