Satellite job awarded

February 2, 1999, 08:00 CET

A NOK 365 million subsea production system will be supplied by Kongsberg Offshore (KOS) for phase 2 of Statoil's Gullfaks satellites project.

Awarded on 3 February, the order is a "call-off" under a frame agreement concluded between KOS and Statoil in the autumn of 1995. This means that the contract terms are specified in the agreement.

The delivery embraces nine Xmas trees and two subsea templates with manifolds and protective structures, which will be installed on the Gullfaks South satellite in the North Sea.

In addition comes the topside control system, a set of hydraulic and electrical units due to be placed on the Gullfaks C platform.

"The call-off is based on reusing drilling and completion equipment employed in phase 1 of the satellite development, and makes KOS responsible for engineering, procurement and construction of the subsea facilities," says John Aspen, contract manager for the phase 2 project.

Deliveries under the new contract will begin on 1 June, and are scheduled for completion in May 2001.

Phase 2 of the Gullfaks satellites development covers production of gas with associated oil and condensate from Gullfaks South, and production is due to begin on 1 October 2001.

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