Siri shutdown

March 12, 1999, 15:30 CET

The Siri platform off Denmark is shut down while operator Statoil investigates an incident in the living quarters on 11 March.

One person suffered slight grazing on a foot when a powerful pressure equalisation took place during the early evening.

The incident occurred at a time when production on the platform had already been shut down because the main power turbine had tripped.

While the ventilation system was being run up, an unexpected pressure build-up occurred in a stairwell in the living quarters.

This was released when a door was opened between the living quarters and the platform wall. Fortunately, the door swung away from the person opening it.

The difference in pressure was so great that a partition wall between stairwell and control room was torn away, tipping ceiling tiles and shelves into the room.

Papers, plastic cups and other loose items were blown from the control room onto the stairs by the pressure. Ceiling tiles in the stairwell were dislodged, damaging and setting off the sprinkler system.

"An inquiry team is due on the field during Friday afternoon to clarify the reasons for this incident," says production manager Alf Frugaard at Statoil's Copenhagen office. "Production will remain shut down until this investigation is completed."

The Danish authorities have also sent two representatives to the field to investigate the incident.

Mr Frugaard adds that there was no danger of hydrocarbons coming out of control, since production had already been halted.

Personnel on the Siri platform have obtained print-outs from the computer system for the inquiry team, while work on clearing up and securing the affected parts of the living quarters is under way.

The Siri field began production in the Danish North Sea on 1 March.