Åsgard B mating continues

October 27, 1999, 18:00 CEST

Mating of the second topside section with the hull of Statoil's Åsgard B gas floater is now under way in the Åmøy Fjord outside Stavanger.

This Deck West section — embracing the living quarters and helideck — is being positioned alongside the heavier Deck East unit, which was mated with the hull earlier.

The Castoro XI barge carrying Deck West moored alongside the partly-mated semi-submersible this afternoon (27 October).

Roughly 40 per cent of the weight of the new topside section has been positioned over the columns, and adjustment work is under way.

Deck West will be welded to the columns during the afternoon and early morning of 27-28 October, reports public relations manager Rolf Olavesen at main contractor Kværner Oil & Gas.

This operation is expected to take two-four days before the rest of Deck West's weight is released onto the columns and the barge can be withdrawn.

The mated Åsgard B platform will then be towed to Kværner's Rosenberg Verft yard in Stavanger early next week for completion work before its scheduled departure for the Statoil-operated field in the Norwegian Sea on 11 April 2000.