Norne tops 100 mill barrels

February 8, 2000, 08:00 CET

Production from Statoil's Norne field in the Norwegian Sea recently passed 100 million barrels, or 20 per cent of the 510 million barrels in total reserves.

On stream since November 1997, this development is currently producing from 10 wells tied back to a production ship.

Norne set a daily output record of 220,000 barrels in late December.

The vessel is due to be modified in order to export up to 1.5 billion cubic metres of associated gas annually from October.

This output will be piped by a loop line to the Åsgard Transport trunkline, which runs from the Statoil field of that name to Kårstø north of Stavanger.

The loop will be able to carry about four billion cubic metres a year, allowing nearby fields to be tied in as required. Pipelaying begins this spring.