Floater plan for Kristin

July 14, 2000, 09:35 CEST

A solution based on a semi-submersible production platform has been picked as the principal option for developing Statoil's Kristin field.

However, the licensees plan to continue evaluating alternative approaches for this Halten Bank South discovery in the Norwegian Sea.

Under the preferred scheme, Kristin gas will be partially processed on the floater before being piped to the group's Kårstø treatment complex north of Stavanger through the new Åsgard Transport trunkline.

Unstabilised condensate from the field is due to be transferred to Statoil's nearby Åsgard A oil production ship for processing and onward transport.

The overall bill for developing Kristin is put at NOK 12-14 billion.

"Substantial work remains to be done on developing the solution, securing good project economics and enhancing the accuracy of investment estimates," says Lars Røssland, project manager for Halten Bank South.

He notes that a sales solution for the Kristin gas must be found before the field can be developed.

A plan for development and operation of Kristin is due to be submitted to the authorities in May 2001. The first contracts could be awarded at the end of next year, with production starting in the autumn of 2005 at the earliest.