Backing green foundation

September 15, 2000, 12:30 CEST

A new Norwegian foundation which aims to organise international environmental gatherings from children and young people has been created with Statoil backing.

Called Young Agenda 21, this body descends from the Children's ENS (Environment Northern Seas) which was shelved along with its Environment Northern Seas (ENS) parent event last year.

Statoil has subscribed NOK 100,000 in initial capital and will pay NOK 10,000 annually to the foundation for the next three years.

This represents a contribution to the coming generation and its environmental challenges, says Jane Nilsen Aalhus, Statoil's representative on the Young Agenda 21 board.

The foundation intends to create arenas for exchanging experience and building relations between children and young people from different nations.

It will also ensure that a major international environmental event is staged in the Stavanger region every other year, with the first planned for next May.