Contract for Kvitebjørn pipe

November 21, 2001, 13:45 CET

The Italian company Ilva SpA will supply steel pipe for the gas pipeline that will be laid between the Kvitebjørn field in the North Sea and the gas treatment plant at Kollsnes near Bergen.

As operator for the Kvitebjørn gas and condensate field, Statoil has ordered just under 150 kilometres of 30-inch pipe – or 54,000 tonnes. The contract is worth around NOK 270 million.

All the pipe will be delivered by 1 December 2002, confirms Jostein Breivik, coordinator for the pipelines in the Kvitebjørn project.

The pipe will be manufactured at the Ilva factory in Taranto, southern Italy.

Kvitebjørn will supply gas from 1 October 2004. The field will be developed with an integrated, fixed production platform with drilling package. Gas and condensate will be separated and piped to Kollsnes and the Mongstad refinery respectively, for further treatment.