Branch office for electrolysers to be established in Grenland

December 8, 2004, 15:00 CET

Hydro is building up its electrolyser operation and is establishing a new branch office in Grenland, Norway. This will particularly focus on the development of new electrolysis technology and new products, and will entail a manning increase. The plan to begin with is to recruit four new employees to the new branch office.

The decision to establish the new branch office for Hydro Electrolysers was taken at the board meeting on Wednesday 8 December, and the employees were informed the same afternoon.

Hydro has a leading position in the production of hydrogen for energy purposes, and has, for several years, invested considerable sums in research and development of new electrolysis technology. As a result of this increased focus on new technology and new product areas, new products will be developed and commercialized alongside the continued production and sale of atmospheric electrolysers. The new technology will supplement the atmospheric electrolysers that are currently produced at Notodden.

This will boost the company's position as a technology and expertise company with focus on design, technology development, project execution and marketing. This sets demands on renewal and the input of expertise. The company's board underlines the importance of good recruiting power and paving the way for interacting in a broad industrial arena.

It has therefore been decided that the new branch office for Hydro Electrolysers will be situated in Grenland. The company will thus be able to utilize the expertise at Hydro's research centre and in the rest of the industrial park, in addition to having wide access to skilled manpower.

The production and service of atmospheric electrolysers will continue at Notodden.

Hydro has produced electrolysers at Notodden since 1927; first for application in its own plants, and since the 1970s for external industrial customers. Norsk Hydro Electrolysers has been a separate limited company since 1993 and has sold its in-house produced atmospheric elecrtolysers all over the world.

  • An electrolyser is an apparatus that splits water molecules by means of electricity. Hydrogen has several different areas of application and can be used to store excess power in the form of chemical energy, amongst other things. One example of this is Hydro's own project on the island of Utsira, the world's first full-scale wind and hydrogen plant, in which excess energy from windmills is used to produce hydrogen in an elecrolyser, thus ensuring the power supply to households regardless of wind conditions.


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