More oil from Norne

May 30, 2005, 16:50 CEST

Recovery from Statoil’s Norne development in the Norwegian Sea is to be improved by more than 10 million barrels of oil under a contract awarded to FMC Kongsberg Subsea (FMC).

Placed on behalf of the licensees and worth roughly NOK 170 million, this job involves expanding the field’s subsea production system.

It embraces the delivery of an additional four-slot seabed template, designated K, with protective superstructure and two production Xmas trees.

This installation will be tied back to the existing templates on Norne, and offers opportunities for drilling two extra wells through the spare slots.

“The K template represents a typical subsea satellite project which utilises existing in-field infrastructure,” says Jostein Gaasemyr, operations vice president for Norne.

“Combined with the current Urd development of Norne’s Stær and Svale satellites, it will make a substantial contribution to our focus on improved recovery and tail production off Norway.”

The Norne production ship has the spare capacity required to incorporate the K template’s wellstream.

Multimaskin at Mo i Rana in northern Norway is due to fabricate the steel structure for the new installation.

“It’s gratifying that a company in this part of the country has become involved as a sub-contractor in producing such subsea equipment,” says Mr Gaasemyr.

Plans call for the K template to be installed during September, with the wells drilled and completed next year so that production from this project can begin in the autumn of 2006.