Veslefrikk back on stream

June 24, 2005, 18:30 CEST

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) has authorised Statoil today, 24 June, to resume production from the Veslefrikk B platform after a shut down which began on 21 June.

This production halt followed the discovery of defects in one of the lifeboats on the North Sea installation during a test.

“We’re planning to bring the field back on stream during the evening,” reports Bjørg Aalstad, operations vice president for the field.

Veslefrikk B will be operated with a reduced crew until normal lifeboat capacity has been restored. The PSA’s production permit runs initially until 31 August.

The Huldra field, remotely operated from Veslefrikk, is also due to be brought back on stream this evening.