Agreement with Murmansk

August 19, 2005, 10:30 CEST

A letter of intent on technical and economic cooperation in the Murmansk region was concluded by Statoil on 18 August with the local county authorities for this part of north-west Russia.

Signed at Hammerfest in northern Norway, the deal reflects a shared grasp of the need for a systematic approach to local and regional development of oil and gas operations.

The agreement, which runs to the end of 2008, covers activities which relate both to the Barents Sea and to the Murmansk area itself.

“Both sides have a shared interest in strengthening our level of activity in this region,” says Henrik Carlsen, head of Statoil’s commitment to the Barents region.

“At the same time, we both want to stimulate further cooperation.”

Statoil has ambitions to extend its activities in the Barents Sea and north-west Russia.

For their part, the Murmansk authorities want to boost the regional economy by encouraging future development and investment in their county.

The letter of intent lays the basis for a collaboration programme which will include the delivery and marketing of automotive fuels.

In addition come such areas as delivery of liquefied petroleum or natural gas (LPG/LNG), activities related to exploration and production, and supplier development programmes.

The deal also embraces cooperation on oil spill response, health, safety and environmental work and various environmental programmes in Murmansk county.