Suppliers chosen for technology qualification at Mongstad CO2 Capture Project

November 8, 2011, 11:31 CET

The Mongstad facility north of Bergen. (Photo: Øyvind Hagen)

In late Spring, the CCM project announced a technology qualification program for all companies which have technology that could be used to capture CO2 from the existing combined heat and power plant at Mongstad.

This was an open international process where the goal was to select companies for technology qualification for full scale capture of CO2.

The following companies have been selected to participate in the technology qualification program: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, LTD., ALSTOM Carbon Capture GmbH, Siemens AG, Aker Clean Carbon and Huaneng-CERI Powerspan Joint Venture. The purpose of the technology qualification program is to qualify at least one technology and demonstrate that it can be scaled up and used at the combined heat and power plant at Mongstad, and that it will meet all HSE requirements. 

“CO2 capture, transportation and storage is unquestionably required to combat climate change. Norway has undertaken an important role, and succeeding with the Mongstad project and the technology qualification program is vital in this context.  We are therefore very pleased with the participation from internationally leading technology suppliers representing different capture technologies. We are looking forward to work together with them”, says Bjørn-Erik Haugan, CEO of Gassnova SF.

The technology qualification program is divided into three phases:

  • Feasibility study to show that the technology can be used at Mongstad. Companies must demonstrate that technologies can be scaled up; that they have the necessary operational regularity; and that high capture ratios are possible to achieve in relation to energy use and costs, for example.
  • Demonstrate that the process will work and that the emissions will be within the specified criteria. This shall include vendors’ test of chemical and process technology so that real emission data can be analysed and evaluated based on the limit set for release at Mongstad.
  • Concept Phase for design of full scale CO2 capture at Mongstad.

Kurt Georgsen, vice president in Renewable Energy and responsible for CCM

“CCM is a very large industrial and technological development project, and a plant of similar size has never been built before. For Statoil, it is very important that the system works as intended and does not represent any danger to people or the environment. For CO2 capture technology in general, it is also important that the project shows that CCS can be accomplished elsewhere: therefore it is of great importance that there is a responsible project implementation that takes care of uncertainties in the best possible way, ensuring the best technical solutions at the lowest possible cost. We are very pleased to announce several leading technology vendors, as well as a thorough technology qualification program,” says Kurt Georgsen, vice president in Renewable Energy and responsible for CCM. 

Successful results in the technology qualification program should allow for a concept selection including selection of technology in first half of 2014.

Participation in the technology qualification program will provide technology suppliers with an opportunity to demonstrate its technology for a full-scale plant at Mongstad.

Multiple vendors can bid on a FEED (Front End Engineering and Design) based on the concept selected, and the final investment decision will be put forth to the Parliament in 2016.