Statoil entered New Zealand in 2013 and has since built a position as an active exploration company, participating in four offshore permits. Our aim is to conduct a responsible search for energy.

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In the New Zealand Block Offer 2014 Statoil was awarded 50% working interest in blocks 57083, 57085 and 57087 with Chevron as operator. The permits are located in the East Coast and Pegasus basins, southeast off New Zealand’s North Island.

The permits cover more than 25,000 square kilometres and sit in water depths between 800 and 3,000 metres. The initial phase of the project will consist of data collection. 

In February 2016 Statoil acquired a 30% working interest in permit 57073 from operator OMV. The permit covers an area of 9,800 square kilometres in the East Coast Basin, and sits in water depths of 1,000-2,000 metres. OMV will remain the operator with 70% working interest. 

OMV and Statoil will conduct geological and geophysical studies, as well as seismic acquisition. The work will provide information necessary to decide further commitments in the permits.


Collecting new seismic data
Starting in Q4 2016, Schlumberger is conducting a multi-client 3D seismic survey off the New Zealand east coast. The multi-client survey encompasses a wider area, which includes permits 57083, 57085 and 57087 where Statoil is a partner with Chevron as operator and permit 57073 where Statoil is a partner with OMV as operator.

Statoil is working with its partners to uphold industry best practices to ensure safety in all its permitted activities, including its joint ventures in New Zealand.

Reinga permits relinquished
Statoil has relinquished its 100% equity share in petroleum exploration permits 55781 and 57057 in the Reinga Basin offshore Northland’s west coast. These licences were awarded in the New Zealand Block Offer 2013 and 2014 respectively and all commitments in the permits were completed prior to relinquishment. 

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Northland Geocamp community programme

In 2016 Statoil is supporting the Geocamps school science programme. This programme was started in 2012 and has been successfully carried out in Taranaki and the Hawkes Bay. With support from Statoil, GNS, the Royal Society and local organisations, it has been possible to extend this programme to Northland.

The Northland Geocamp aims to encourage intermediate school students’ interest in science, through exploring the natural environment around them. The programme has been developed and is run by GNS.

The energy sector is a long-term industry that requires highly advanced understanding of the natural sciences. This is why Statoil developed its Heroes of Tomorrow sponsorship programme, which includes educational programmes many places across the world.

This particular programme was chosen in dialogue with community leaders. Statoil is proud to support the Northland Geocamp.

For more information on Geocamps, watch the video or contact GNS. For more information on Statoil’s sponsorships, please visit Morgendagens helter Facebook page (Norwegian language only).