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Our graduate disciplines


A career at Equinor combines great challenges, opportunities for growth and professional development. We offer a broad selection of disciplines to choose from, and you can expect to rotate to another area or work location during your time with us. Here are our disciplines in detail:

Safety and sustainability


The safety of our people and integrity of our operations is our top priority. In 2017 we presented our strategy: always safe, high value, low carbon, and we set clear ambitions for the future. We believe that all accidents related to people, environment and assets can be prevented. The goal of zero injuries has become part of how we think and work, with a strong focus on continuously improvement.

The role of safety and sustainability (SSU) is to set the direction and support the organisation at all levels to deliver industry leading performance within safety, security and sustainability. SSU take an active role in managing risks, drive improvements and sharing excellent practice across business units.


  • Safety
  • Security
  • Sustainability
  •  Health and working environment
  • Emergency preparedness and response

The SSU organisation is represented throughout the company with offices globally. Most graduates will be located in Norway (Stavanger, Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Stjørdal, Harstad), but the SSU organisation also offers positions or assignments at other locations such as US (Houston, Austin), UK (London) and Brazil (Rio de Janeiro).

Relevant education:
A wide range of studies are relevant for graduates within the SSU area both within technical, social and economic disciplines such as process safety, technical safety, energy and environmental science, material science, social science, medical studies, psychology.  

Drilling and well


The drilling and well (D&W) technology network in Equinor has almost 1,200 employees and includes engineers, specialists and managers. We have a worldwide corporate responsibility for D&W activities, and we are currently running approximately 40 operations daily from platforms, rigs and vessels. Most typical tasks are to provide the key planning for execution of drilling, completion, well intervention and subsea activities and further to follow-up during the execution phase.


  • Drilling
  • Completion
  • Well Intervention
  • Subsea technology

Most graduates will be located in Norway. We have employees working in Harstad, Stjørdal, Trondheim, Bergen and Stavanger. Some positions will be located in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro).

Relevant education:
Petroleum Technology, Subsea Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical engineering, Petroleum Cybernetics, Cybernetics and Robotics.


The role of Exploration (EXP) is to access, mature and discover new hydrocarbon resources to Equinor through exploration both organic and inorganic activities. EXP covers all geology, geophysics, petrophysics and data science activities.


  • Geology
  • Geophysics
  • Petrophysics
  • Data Science (incl. Data Management, Data Engineering)
  • Exploration Management
  •  Innovation

The EXP organisation is represented throughout the company. Most graduates will be located in Norway (Stavanger, Harstad, Oslo, Bergen), but the EXP organisation also offers positions or assignments in US (Houston).

Relevant eductation:
Geology, geophysics, petrophysics and other data science disciplines. Additional education in areas such as technology, information technology, petroleum economics and management could also be relevant.


Finance and control


The role of finance and control (F&C) is to drive performance and value creation, to provide professional support and advice towards the business and the corporate executive management, to ensure financial information internally and externally and to represent Equinor in the financial markets.


  • Investment and portfolio analysis
  • Performance Management
  • Financial structuring, funding, cash and financial asset management
  • Accounting and financial reporting
  • Business architecture and digitalisation
  • Tax
  • Risk Management
  • Land (only applicable in US)

The F&C organisation is represented throughout the company with offices globally. Most graduates will be located in Norway (Stavanger, Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim/Stjørdal, Harstad), but the F&C organisation also offers positions or assignments at other locations such as US (Houston, Austin), UK (London) and Brazil (Rio de Janeiro).

Relevant education:
Economics, finance, business, industrial economics, accounting, audit and risk management are most relevant. Additional education in areas such as technology, information technology, management and law are also relevant.

Information technology


Equinor has launched a company-wide digital roadmap to accelerate value creation from digital technologies. Equinor’s ambition is to be a digital leader within its core operations. Digital technologies will improve safety, increase value creation, reduce the carbon footprint from our operations and enable new business models.

The information technology (IT) unit consists of around 750 employees. Working closely with the business, we support and deliver business driven IT solutions throughout the company.

Equinor has always been a leader in application of cutting edge IT technologies and we have accumulated vast quantities of data - 26 petabytes today and 2500 petabytes expected by 2030 However, the full potential of these data is yet to be unlocked using advances in technology such as cloud computing and microservice architectures, application of advanced analytical algorithms within machine learning, deep learning, cognitive computing and artificial intelligence.


  • Information Technology 
  • Software development 
  • Data analytics, data science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) 
  • IT security and risk management 
  • Enterprise data management 
  • Automation, robotics and remote control

Norway (Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and Stavanger).

Relevant education:
Computer Science/Information technology.

Marketing and supply

Marketing and supply (M&S) is a commercial area and encompasses the processes and activities performed to monetise all the commodities produced by Equinor. The key roles within the process are Operators, Charters, Contract managers and Deal handlers, Asset managers, Traders, Marketers, Originators, Macro and Market Analysts, Government and Regulatory affairs specialists.


  • Macroeconomics, energy and commodity market analysis 
  • Marketing, portfolio optimisation, commodity logistical operations
  • Asset optimization, business case development and negotiations
  • Commercial operations 
  • Commercial contracts management and deal handling 
  • Government and regulatory affairs
  • Analytics

Norway (Stavanger), UK (London) and US (Austin).

Relevant education:
Economics, finance, shipping, trading, logistics, business, industrial economics, innovation, engineering, naval architecture, marine technology, offshore technology, maritime law, political science and law, energy management, data science, and sustainability

Operation and maintenance

The operation and maintenance (O&M) graduates join the O&M organisation of professionals which is organised all through the Equinor organisation. The role of O&M is to deliver safe, predictable and profitable operations in accordance with regulations, governance and operational parameters. O&M covers all aspects of operation, maintenance and modifications for operating assets, and modification and investment projects for all phases.

Disciplines :

  • Automation
  • Cranes and lifting operations
  • Electrical safety and operation
  • Life Cycle Information
  • Process Mechanical Engineering
  • Electronics system design
  • Industrial economics and Technology Management
  • Planning O&M
  • System operation and safe work
  • Telecommunication
  • Wind operations

The O&M organisation is represented throughout the company with offices globally. Graduates will be located in Norway (onshore plants like Melkøya, Tjeldbergodden, Mongstad, Sture, Kollsnes and Kårstø).

Relevant education:
Process technology, computer science, cybernetics and robotics, communications technology, technical safety, rotating equipment, subsea equipment, , electro and other relevant technical disciplines. Additional education in areas such as economics, information technology, management and law are also relevant.

Petroleum technology


Petroleum technology (Petec) graduates will join the Petec network of professionals which is spread across the company. Petec ensures that Equinor matures and manages its hydrocarbon resources in a profitable, competitive and safe manner. Petec covers all geology, geophysics, petrophysics, reservoir- and production technology activities during early phase, field development, production phase, abandonment, and portfolio transactions. Petec resources are also involved in technology development and implementation.


  • Geology
  • Petrophysics
  • Geophysics
  • Reservoir Technology
  • Production Technology
  • Geo Operations

The Petec organisation is represented throughout the company. Graduates will be located in Norway (Bergen, Stavanger, Stjørdal, Trondheim, Oslo and Harstad).

Relevant education:
Geology, geophysics, petrophysics, reservoir technology, production technology, chemical engineering, mathematics, physics or another scientific line of university study. Additional education in areas such as technology, information technology, economics and management are also relevant.

People and leadership (Human resources)

Graduates within the people and leadership (PL) function will get the possibility to work within different PL areas. Corporate PL, develops strategies, policies and requirements, and supports and monitors the business areas. PL within the Business areas provide strategic direction and advice to the line management and ensures that ongoing PL processes are delivered effectively and efficiently. Global business services human resources (HR) provides consultative, operational and transactional HR services, including learning and development, reward and employee relations, payroll, and personnel administration.


  • Attraction and recruitment
  • Development and deployment
  • Reward & Employee Relations
  • HR Operations & System
  • Strategy & Change
  • Learning

Norway (Stavanger, Bergen, Oslo, Trondheim), Brazil (Rio de Janeiro), UK (London) and US (Houston).

Relevant education:
Human resources, business administration, economics, finance, or psychology. Additional education in areas such as information technology, management, international relations might also be relevant.

Project development

The project development (PD) network consist of several thousand employees in Equinor who have different fields of expertise. The PD process aims to provide safe, efficient, cost competitive and low carbon future project deliveries. It also provides many prioritizations and drive technology activities to solve business challenges and create new opportunities.


  • Project Management & Control
  • Process upstream
  • Electrical 
  • Subsea & Marine 
  • Materials 
  • Pipeline & Transport 
  • Pipeline Mapping & Survey
  • Mechanical & Automation

PD is represented in different life cycle projects domestically and internationally. Graduates will be located in Norway (Stavanger, Oslo, Trondheim, Stjørdal, Porsgrunn and Bergen).

Relevant education:
Automation Engineering; Business Administration & Science; Psychology (with an emphasis in cognitive psychology is an advantage); Data Management/Data Science Engineering; Electrical Power Engineering; Electronic Systems Engineering; Engineering Cybernetics & Robotics; Engineering Mechatronics; Environmental Technology; Fluid Mechanics; Geomatics Engineering; Geographical & Earth Science; Geophysical Engineer/Survey; Industrial Economics, Technology & Management; Information Management; Library and Information Science; Marine Structures & Hydrodynamics; Materials Science & Engineering (electrochemistry, corrosion and materials selection); Mechanical Engineering; Physics and Mathematics; Pipeline Engineering & Installation; Process Technology; Process & Environmental Systems Engineering (Cold Climate Engineering); Product Design; Production Technology; Project Management & Control; Risk Management; Safety & Systems Engineering; Societal Safety; Structural Engineering; Subsea Engineering & Installation.



Equinor's renewable business is growing rapidly, and we are already innovators in offshore wind and a world leader in carbon capture and storage. Our ambition is to grow profitably and expand into other sources of renewable energy.

The renewable portfolio includes several assets where Equinor today has a world leading position, including floating offshore wind, innovative battery solutions to improve performance from wind-based electricity production. Equinor has research facilities and long lasting operational experience from capturing and storing large volumes of CO2 and advanced plans to introduce clean natural gas in order to offer emission free energy to existing natural gas buyers. All these solutions have the potential to contribute significantly to reducing global CO2 emissions.


  • Technology Management
  • Innovation

The organization is represented in different locations, both in Norway and internationally. Graduates will be located in Norway (Oslo, Stavanger, Bergen and Trondheim).

Relevant education:
Energy and Environmental Engineering; Renewables Energy Engineering; Sustainable Energy Engineering; Process & Environmental Systems Engineering; Electrical Power Engineering; Energy storage; Geotechnical Engineering; Process Engineering; Materials Science & Engineering; Automation Engineering; Electronic Systems Engineering; Physics and Mathematics; Electrochemical engineering; Process data analytics and simulation; Predictive analysis and machine learning; Industrial Economics, Technology & Management; Business Administration & Science.


The purpose of the communication function is to secure trust, support and a strong reputation among key stakeholders to help the company reach its business objectives. The scope of the communication function is to build and protect Equinor’s reputation and brand by providing context, strategic and tactical support on business decisions for board and leadership and advise and execute on stakeholder engagement.

The communications function is divided in between Corporate communication (CCOM) and Business Area communication (BA COM).

CCOM is responsible for building and protecting Equinor’s reputation and trust. CCOM leads the COM organisation through strong functional mandates and capacity to ensure a “One Equinor approach” in areas of vital importance for the company’s competitiveness and reputation.

BA COM enable business goals and handle operational issues, utilizing corporate resources to ensure high quality and efficiency in communication deliveries across the organization.


  • Internal Communication 
  • Media Relations 
  • Brand Communications 
  • Consultancy and Projects 
  • Political and Public Affairs 
  • Digital engagement 
  • Strategy and Planning

The communication function is represented throughout the company with offices globally. Most graduates will be in Norway (Oslo or Stavanger).

Relevant education:
Education within communications or marketing. Other areas are also relevant.

Strategy and business development


Strategy and business development (SBD) is responsible for positioning Equinor for long-term value creation by defining where to compete, how to win, and optimizing our corporate portfolio accordingly.

SBD deliver corporate strategy and innovation, business development, merger, acquisition and divestment activities, to actively drive Equinor’s corporate development.


  • Strategy 
  • Business Development

Graduates will be located in UK (London).

Relevant education:
Information technology (IT); Strategy; Innovation; Business analytics; Entrepreneurship; Management; and Economics.

Supply chain management

Supply chain management (SCM) covers Procurement, Materials management and Logistical operations, and support our Exploration, Drilling & Well, Capital projects, Operations & maintenance and Procurement business support globally.

Working within procurement and supplier relations in Equinor offers close collaboration across all business areas and disciplines as well as with our suppliers, securing Equinor is provided with the right goods and services both short and long term.


  • Category Management
  • Supplier Relations Management
  • Supplier market analysis
  • Sourcing Management
  • Contract Management
  • Requisition to Pay
  • Materials Management

The Procurement and Supplier Relations organization is represented globally, with a majority of staff in Norway (Bergen, Stavanger and Oslo). For 2019 we will also recruit graduates in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro).

Relevant education:
Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Economics and Business Administration, Industrial Economics. Additional education in areas such as information technology, technical and law are also relevant.

Service management


In Equinor we deliver administrative and technical services to our assets through a shared service model. The role of the service management (SM) function is to support the different service providers across Equinor.

The responsibilities for service management are to develop the functional strategy, develop and improve Equinor global standards, requirements and work processes within SM. We drive simplification and SM improvement initiatives across the company, monitor performance, provide advise and support.


  • Service management strategy 
  • Customer relations and market trends 
  • Process and service management

Graduates will be located in Norway (Stavanger)

Relevant education:
Business economics or marketing are most relevant. Additional education within areas such as information technology and innovation are also relevant


Legal offers unique opportunities for lawyers who want to employ all sides of their legal skills, work collaboratively with industry projects and enjoy inter-disciplinary work in an international environment.

We are the competence unit for all legal matters related to the Equinor group’s business areas and corporate activities and consists of legal experts, specialists and qualified support personnel. The unit has overall responsibility for advising on all legal matters as well as ethics and anti-corruption compliance, and acts as the secretariat for the corporate bodies within the Equinor Group.

Legal employs 130 employees, out of which some 115 are lawyers. 65 lawyers are located in Norway (Stavanger, Bergen and Oslo) while the others are located in Legal departments globally. Legal employees are a truly diversified group of people within Equinor, both with respect to locations, nationalities and gender. The lawyers participate actively throughout the business in preparation of negotiations, strategies, drafting of agreements, completion of projects and dispute resolution, as well as advising on ethics, anti-corruption and performing other training activities.

Locations: Legal is represented throughout the company with offices in Norway, UK, US, Brazil, Russia, Argentina, Indonesia, Singapore, Tanzania, Nigeria, Angola, Algeria, Venezuela and Canada.
Graduates will be located in Norway (Oslo, Stavanger, Bergen).

Relevant education: Master in Law