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Statoil Innovate is our dedicated channel to challenge-driven open innovation. We focus on connecting with institutions and companies large and small that can help us find solutions to concrete business challenges.

We’re looking for ideas and solutions to improve and expand our business along three main opportunity areas, and radical ideas and solutions are especially welcome. Our three focus areas are:

Competitive at all times

Transforming the oil and gas industry

Providing energy for a low carbon future

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Latest innovation challenge

Offshore energy supply with minimal CO2 release

Gina Krog platform details

One of the great challenges the oil & gas sector is facing is how to reduce the CO2 emissions from our oil & gas developments offshore. Onsite gas turbines for power and heat production is the main source of emissions. Do you have an idea that can enable power and heat production offshore, with zero or minimal CO2 emissions?

Statoil Innovation Gallery

Statoil is constantly looking for solutions to our business challenges and we recognize our need to collaborate with innovative people and organizations around the world. Selected innovation challenges are posted on Statoil Innovation Gallery on Ninesights, seeking your ideas. Read about them here.

Are you ready for a challenge?

At regular intervals we post challenges that typically run as campaigns for periods of 6 to 12 weeks—and we invite you to submit proposals.

The challenges are connected to a real Statoil project organisation working alongside the challenge campaign. This challenge team includes professionals dedicated to reviewing and exploring potential next steps for working with solvers to develop and implement solutions that improve our operations.


Previous Statoil Innovate challenges

We are constantly looking for relevant solutions to our challenges, even after campaigns formally close. Review our previous campaigns and let us know if you are working on a technology or method that could be relevant to one of our challenges posted on Statoil Innovate. Submit your proposal indicating the name of the relevant challenge as part of your submission.

Equinor Technology Ventures

Commercialising technologies in oil and energy

Equinor Technology Ventures (ETV)  provides project based or equity funding combined with expert technical and financial guidance.

ETV has been established to support small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with exciting new technologies in oil and energy—and in turn us achieve our goal to be the world’s most carbon-efficient oil and gas producer with a significant renewable business. 

Building on a proven venture track record, we will provide expert technical and financial guidance as well as project-based or venture capital funding. Equinor Technology Ventures, ETV, is looking for technologies in upstream oil and gas as well as in new energy. 

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