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Sustainability at Equinor

The world needs energy providers that can deliver energy with lower emissions.

Equinor supports the Paris agreement and a net zero target for society. We have already brought CO₂ emissions in the oil and gas production process down to industry leading levels, and we will continue to do more. Our journey to develop as a broad energy company is founded on a strong commitment to sustainability, and our strategy – always safe, high value and low carbon – is applied in everything we do.

0.6 SIF

Serious incident frequency

(SIF—per million hours worked, 2019)


CO2 intensity for upstream oil & gas portfolio

(100% operated, kg CO2/boe, 2019)

2.5 TRIF

Total recordable injury frequency

(TRIF—per million hours worked, 2019)

Our Sustainability reporting for 2019

We’re taking big steps to reduce our footprint.

Expect great things from Equinor. We’re a broad energy company committed to sustainability. We support the Paris Climate Agreement and UN Sustainable Development Goals, we’re cutting emissions from our oil and gas activities, and investing ambitiously in renewables. By 2050, we aim to become a net-zero company, including emissions from production and final consumption of energy.

See our press releases for more:

Our strategy:

Always safe

High value


Sustainability is at the core of everything we do:


Some people are still disputing global warming.
We’re acting on it. Here are our results.

We’re one of the world’s most CO2-efficient producers of oil and gas, and investing strongly in renewables. Here, we report openly on all our sustainability priorities and performance.

Our Annual Sustainability Report is externally verified and prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative Standards (GRI, core option), and the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures. Our Sustainability Report is also our Communication on Progress to the United Nations Global Compact (advanced reporting level). Our Payments to Governments Report is integrated in the Annual Report.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) indices and ratings

Equinor’s ambition is to contribute to sustainable development — and we have received a number of recognitions for our sustainability performance.*

*Please note that we do not necessarily endorse the methodologies of the ratings received.


Science says the pace of change is too slow.
We completely agree.

In Equinor, we agree that the transition to a more sustainable energy system is taking place too slowly.  A sustainable development path well below the two-degree target does not allow for further delays in policy, industry and consumer action to reduce emissions. The world’s energy systems must be transformed to drive decarbonisation – and we are working to accelerate that transformation.

So why are we still producing oil and gas? Because the green transition isn’t black-and-white.

We recognise that the world’s energy systems must be transformed in a profound way to drive decarbonisation, while at the same time ensuring universal access to affordable and clean energy and realising the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

So why are we still producing oil and gas? Because people need energy today, even as we plan for tomorrow. That’s why we need to produce oil and gas with as low emissions as possible, replacing coal with gas, and grow materially in renewable energy and develop low carbon solutions. It’s possible to have two thoughts in mind at once.

Responsible operations

One thing matters as much as the results we achieve. How we achieve them.

Around the world, our work takes us above water, underwater and a whole range of places onshore. With that comes great responsibility, and we are committed to minimising negative impact on society and the environment. Safe and responsible operations are essential to winning people’s trust and to enabling our long-term value creation. 

Here’s how we put safety and security, human rights, transparency and ethical operations at the heart of everything we do.

Shared value

We don’t just energise the lives of millions of people. We want to empower them too.

We deliver energy to millions of people. Through our core business and supply chain, we create significant economic value and opportunities for society and communities through taxes, jobs, skills, education, innovation and social impact management. We develop our people and promote diversity and inclusion across our locations.

Find out how we’re creating shared value for our employees, people around the world and society at large:

Sustainability contacts in Equinor

Our main contact phone number:

+47 51 99 00 00

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Erik Haaland
Communication Manager
International development, production and exploration