New airport with Mango

October 8, 1998, 10:00 CEST

The first Norwegian service station built to Statoil's new Mango concept opens today at the new Gardermoen airport outside Oslo.

Based on separating the convenience store from the pumps, this facility is the sixth of its kind opened by the group so far in Scandinavia.

It stands close to the airport's terminal building and offers a more extensive range of goods than traditional Statoil stations.

Statoil Bilutleie, the group's car-hire arm, is normally part of a Mango station. In this case, however, its desk has been located in the terminal building.

Together with other companies, Statoil Bilutleie has created a car-hire facility just south of the Gardermoen terminal. A smaller Statoil forecourt linked to this site also opens today.

The group already has five Mango stations operational in Sweden. Another is due to open next month in the Danish town of Nyborg.

Norway's second Mango station will be opened in Oslo early next year. Plans call for a total of 450 of these facilities in Scandinavia by 2002.