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From the United Nations Climate Change Conference COP28. Photo: Equinor

Our industry may be closest to the problem. But that doesn’t mean we’re furthest from the solutions.

The UN Climate Change Conference marks a milestone opportunity to take stock of progress and re-align on the Paris Agreement.

We support COP28 wholeheartedly and are proud to be present at this landmark event. Since our industry is part of the problem, we also believe that we should be part of the solution. As an industry, we must continue to reduce emissions to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement.

We are proud signatories to the historic Oil and Gas Decarbonisation Charter that has been signed by 50 national and international oil producing companies, equivalent to more than 40% of global oil and gas production. In practice, this means we will raise our ambition levels to reduce emissions and report on progress annually.

In Equinor, we believe we have a responsibility to reduce emissions and find solutions for systemic change. We have the technologies, the expertise and the industrial strength to develop the energy of the future.

Our intention is to deliver solutions that can help accelerate the energy transition. We have a plan to reduce our emissions significantly this decade and achieve net zero by 2050. To achieve it, we must find new ways in renewables, low carbon solutions, and oil and gas.

We might not have all the answers yet, but we do have 22,000 employees with the knowledge and willpower to find them.

Our pledge to the Global Gas Flaring Reduction Partnership (GGFR)

Equinor has pledged $25 million to the Global Flaring and Methane Reduction (GFMR) fund, a new World Bank-administered initiative announced at COP28, which aims to support flaring reduction and methane abatement in the oil and gas sector. Read more below.

How Equinor is reducing methane emissions

We’re harnessing the winds of change today, to power the low-carbon world of tomorrow

Our ambition is to be among the top global players in offshore wind, drawing on our extensive offshore experience to drive the industry forward. Wind power is a key enabler in the world’s energy transition.

Offshore wind in Equinor

Northern Lights: making CCS viable

Northern Lights is developing the world’s first open-source CO2 transport and storage infrastructure. There is an urgent need and a significant demand for CCS, and we are on schedule to start operations in 2024, enabling a safe and reliable CO2 transport and storage service to industrial emitters in Norway and from across Europe

Discover more about Northern Lights
Dr. Fatih Birol. Photo: Equinor

Autumn Conference 2023

Oslo, November 21: Dr Fatih Birol, Executive director of the International Energy Agency, presented this year’s World Energy Outlook at Equinor’s Autumn Conference. He was joined by a panel of experts and leading politicians to discuss the latest energy and climate trends.

See the entire event here

Welcome to Equinor

We are a broad international energy company headquartered in Norway with 22,000 employees in 30 countries. For 50 years, we've been turning natural resources into energy for people and progress for society.

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