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Photo: Ole Jørgen Bratland, Equinor

The world’s most important energy sources are knowledge and cooperation.

Every day, we energise the lives of over 170 million people around the world. Behind it all lies 50 years of knowledge, experience and cooperation across companies and countries. We believe they hold the key to solving the energy transition, the greatest challenge of our time.

Current and forthcoming events:

  • Equinor Q2 2024 results - analyst conference

    Analyst call
  • Global Supplier Day 2024

    IMI Forum, Mastrafjorden A Hall 1, inside the venue of ONS 2024, Stavanger
  • Equinor Q4 2024 results

    Analyst call
    To be announced
Eirik Wærness

Energy Perspectives 2024

The speed and scale of the energy transition must increase in order to reach the 1.5-degree ambition. In 2024, almost half of the world’s population go to the polls. Many elections will demonstrate some of the key trends shaping world politics: geopolitical competition, economic nationalism, and political polarisation. This will impact global energy markets and the energy transition.

Want to contribute to the energy transition? Do it from inside.

A career at Equinor offers you an unparalleled opportunity to be part of a company that is working to advance the energy transition and combat climate change.