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Can an oil and gas company be part of a sustainable energy future? We’re working actively to reduce climate emissions, put a price on carbon, and benefit societies around the world. We aim to be the world's most carbon-efficient oil and gas producer, and are investing actively in renewables.

The Norwegian continental shelf: still going strong 

We remain fully committed to the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS), maintaining a high level of exploration activity in all areas to replenish our portfolio while maximizing value from existing infrastructure. Now, we are delighted to have been awarded 29 new licences on the NCS.  

If you want to make a difference, you should be working for Equinor. Read more here.

Latest news

On the hunt for good ideas

Kristin Aamodt and Equinor Technology Ventures evaluate more than 300 ideas each year—but only a few make the grade. Read her advice to entrepreneurs.

Could this be the best-kept secret of climate solutions?

A waste incineration chimney in Oslo releases as much CO2 per year as 200,000 cars. But we don’t have to let this gas billow into our atmosphere and destroy our climate. Now we can store it safely, three kilometres below the North Sea.

Digitalisation is changing our lives

Self-driving cars, robots and more accessible technology. Digitalisation is no longer a thing of the “future.” Many of your work tasks will probably be automated and taken over by robots. Is that a good or a bad thing?

Current topics

  • Renewables and CCS

    Learn more about Equinor's offshore wind projects, the world's first floating wind farm, our CCS projects and our ambitions within renewable energy.

  • Gullfaks

    Gullfaks lies in the northern part of the Norwegian North Sea and has three large concrete production platforms

  • Johan Sverdrup

    Learn more about Johan Sverdrup, operated by Equinor and one of the five largest oil fields on the NCS . Find facts, news, milestones, videos and photos.