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Ståle Hanssen was convinced we could lift a platform in one piece. But no-one had attempted it before.

No-one had ever attempted to lift a 22,000-tonne drilling platform in one piece before. But Ståle Hanssen was convinced it could be done — and when it worked, he saved us a million hours. 

We changed our name from Statoil to Equinor on May 15th. Here’s why. 

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“If I want to have any influence over climate change, I must be where the decisions are made.”

Two years ago, 25-year-old Ragni Rørtveit openly criticized the oil and gas industry. Today, she’s working for Equinor. What happened, and how does she justify her decision?

CEO Eldar Sætre has worked for Statoil for 38 years:

“Why I believe it was right to change our name.”

The Annual General Meeting voted to support the name change. CEO Eldar Sætre admits it will take some getting used to. “But we need to be prepared for the future,” he says.

This is what changed us.

Some changes are so profound that they challenge us to find a new balance. As we go from being an oil and gas company to a broad energy company, it was natural to change our name. 

Equinor has been ranked as the most attractive employer by technology students for the 22nd year in a row—also achieving high rankings with economics and IT students. 

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    Statoil reports adjusted earnings of USD 4.4 billion and USD 1.5 billion after tax in the first quarter of 2018. IFRS net operating income was USD 5.0 billion and the IFRS net income was USD 1.3 billion.

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    Learn more about the gigantic Johan Sverdrup field development, one of the five largest oil fields on the NCS. Facts, news, milestones, videos and photos.

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    Energy Perspectives is published each year by a team of analysts at Statoil.