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We energize the lives of 170 million people. Every day.

Our Johan Sverdrup field development project is now powered with electricity from shore. When production starts next year, it’ll be one of the most carbon-efficient fields in the world. 

The Troll Phase 3 development has been approved by Norwegian authorities.

Investing in the protection of tropical rainforests:

Equinor is ready to invest in the protection of tropical forests as soon as a well functioning market is in place for the private sector. This will be a supplement to the company’s own climate actions. See more in the film above or read more below.

Latest news

Meet the Eelume underwater robot

Eelume is a self-propelled robotic arm that can travel over long distances and carry out inspection, maintenance and repairs in spaces that are inaccessible to most ROVs.

Is it possible to beat the world champion of chess?

24 business leaders gathered to pit their wits against reigning chess world champion, Norwegian Magnus Carlsen. Among the players was a quiet, unassuming man with a hidden appetite for success: lead financial analyst Erik Fossan in Equinor.

Equinor is still engineers’ favourite employer!

Photo: Erlend Flesjø

Once again, Equinor has been ranked most attractive employer by professional engineers, in this year’s Universum survey of 10,000 professionals with higher education. 

Could this be the best-kept secret of climate solutions?

A waste incineration chimney in Oslo releases as much CO2 per year as 200,000 cars. But we don’t have to let this gas billow into our atmosphere and destroy our climate. Now we can store it safely, three kilometres below the North Sea.

Digitalisation is changing our lives

Self-driving cars, robots and more accessible technology. Digitalisation is no longer a thing of the “future.” Many of your work tasks will probably be automated and taken over by robots. Is that a good or a bad thing?

Techstars Energy Accelerator

Right now, the ten start-up companies that were selected from hundreds of applicants across 38 countries are gathered in Oslo to accelerate their innovations. Find out what they’re up to!

Current topics

  • Sustainability

    Our vision is to shape the future of energy. Our purpose is to turn natural resources into energy for people and progress for society. Sustainability is at the heart of our operations and strategy.

  • Energy perspectives

    Energy Perspectives is published each year by a team of analysts at Equinor. Watch the presentation or download the full 2018 report here.