Siri platform waiting on weather

October 14, 1998, 10:00 CEST

Installation of the platform for Statoil's Siri project off Denmark has been delayed by bad weather.

This unit was towed out from Stavanger as scheduled on 1 October, and arrived on the North Sea field two days later as planned.

The next step should have been to install the structure early in the morning of 4 October on the steel storage tank standing on the seabed.

However, strong east winds and waves over the acceptable height for installation meant that the platform had to be towed to sheltered waters at Flekkefjord in south-west Norway. It arrived there on 5 October.

Difficult weather conditions are forecast until the end of the week, reports project manager Rune Mordal.

A meteorologist is on the field, making detailed assessments of the position in consultation with the project team. The tow can be resumed at short notice.

Statoil's goal has been to have Siri on stream by 11 November, but Mr Mordal says that this deadline is now under threat.

"However, the project team is naturally poised to do whatever it can to recover from the delay."