No injuries in Sleipner fire

October 18, 1998, 01:00 CEST

Nobody was injured when a fire broke out in the power station on Statoil's Sleipner A platform during the evening of 18 October.

The alarm was sounded at 18.52, but the blaze had been brought under control within about an hour by firefighters on the North Sea installation.

Although crew immediately entered the lifeboats, no evacuation was required. A helicopter with a doctor on board stood by on the West Epsilon drilling rig alongside Sleipner B while the crew were in the boats.

Considerable heat was generated by the fire, and the extent of material damage is currently being assessed. The living quarters were blacked out for a time.

Crew will remain on the platform tonight. Employees are able to call home via two telephones. Relatives seeking further information can ring these numbers:

Stavanger: +47 51 99 98 91 and +47 51 99 82 16.
Bergen: +47 55 99 20 42 and +47 55 99 30 41.

Sufficient capacity is available from other Norwegian offshore fields to fulfil gas sales commitments normally met from Sleipner East and West.

Statoil is working to ensure that deliveries from these fields to Zeebrugge in Belgium can resume as quickly as possible.