Troll takes on Sleipner load

October 20, 1998, 10:00 CEST

Norwegian gas deliveries to continental Europe will not be affected by Sunday's fire on the Sleipner A platform.

Operated by Statoil, the Sleipner area in the North Sea normally delivers some 24 million cubic metres of gas per day to European customers.

About 21-22 million cubic metres of this volume is due to be supplied from Statoil's Troll A platform while the Sleipner installations are shut down.

The remainder will come from the Statfjord field, also operated by Statoil, to ensure that commitments under the Troll Gas sales agreements (TGSA) are met.

Troll provides a guarantee that these contracts can be fulfilled by increasing its gas output if and when other fields covered by the TGSA experience problems.

The Troll A platform increased production to 94 million cubic metres per day late on Sunday evening, reports operations manager Lars Seeberg at the Kollsnes gas treatment plant near Bergen.

This facility can process up to 100 million cubic metres of Troll gas every day. Daily production from Troll A normally fluctuates around 70-80 million cubic metres.

Condensate (light oil) production from the Sleipner area is also being affected by the fire. This output has stood recently at roughly 17,500 tonnes of unstabilised condensate per day, says Alvin Hanson at Statoil's Bygnes transport control centre north of Stavanger.