Sleipner A back on stream

October 27, 1998, 08:00 CET

Production from Statoil's Sleipner A platform, shut down by a fire on 18 October, resumed today.

The North Sea installation is set to reach a daily output of about 24 million cubic metres of natural gas within a couple of days.

"Once the Sleipner T platform has also gone back on stream in a few days from now, gas production will be back to the pre-fire level of 46 million cubic metres per day," reports platform manager Egil Kai Eide.

Daily condensate (light oil) output will lie around 106,000 barrels within a couple of days of Sleipner A coming back on stream, and return to the normal level of roughly 162,000 barrels once Sleipner T has resumed operation.

Extensive repairs remain to be completed on Sleipner A. This work is being pursued independently of actual gas production.