Drilling near Norne

December 29, 1998, 08:00 CET

An exploration well was spudded by Statoil over the Christmas period in Norwegian Sea block 6507/3, south-west of its Norne field.

Located 220 kilometres west of Brønnøysund, this acreage yielded a gas and condensate discovery in 1990 which has been named Alve. Two dry wells have also been drilled in the area.

It was the Alve find which put Statoil on the track of its Norne find, and Amoco recently made an oil and gas discovery just to the south of 6507/3.

Being drilled by Byford Dolphin, the well is due to take about 70 days to complete. It will go down to a depth of about 3,800 metres in 392 metres of water.

Statoil has a 50 per cent interest in production licence 159, including 20 per cent for the state's direct financial interest. The other partners are Enterprise with 40 per cent and Saga 10 per cent.

Block 6507/3 lies 30 kilometres from Norne and 50 kilometres from Statoil's Heidrun field. A possible development of the area could accordingly utilise existing infrastructure.