Methanol power cut

January 15, 1999, 13:40 CET

A power cut on 14 December has disrupted production at Statoil's Tjeldbergodden methanol plant in mid-Norway for a couple of days.

The blackout hit much of the Nordmøre region in which the plant stands, and means a temporary reduction in gas exports to Tjeldbergodden from Statoil's Heidrun field in the Norwegian Sea.

It normally takes a couple of days to bring the methanol facility back into normal production after a complete shutdown.

Roughly 1.8 million cubic metres of gas are piped from Heidrun to Tjeldbergodden every day as feedstock for the methanol process.

Some of the gas will also be utilised in the Norferm bioprotein facility at the complex when this comes on stream.

This is the second power cut to hit the Statoil plant. Production had to be shut down for the same reason just before Christmas.