More focus on Y2K

January 18, 1999, 00:00 CET

Work in Statoil on preparing various systems for the transition to year 2000 (Y2K) has been strengthened.

An internal audit of measures by the group to cope with the "millennium bomb" - the potential inability of some computerised equipment to handle the date change from 31 December 1999 - was carried out in mid-November.

Including Troll A and its land-based gas treatment plant at Kollsnes near Bergen as well as the Statfjord field, this exercise reflected dissatisfaction among top executives at progress in some areas - a view which received confirmation.

The same conclusion was drawn by the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate when it performed a similar audit on Statfjord, Troll A/Kollsnes and the gas treatment plant at Kårstø north of Stavanger in early December.

"Our efforts have been stepped up in a number of areas, and we're now seeing the results of that," says Gro Seim, who heads the group's Y2K work.

"Many units are where they should be in relation to their own plans. We've also been through a process to adjust local plans in line with Statoil's overall programme."