Prominent guests

March 24, 1999, 16:15 CET

HM King Harald V and Arpad Göncz, president of Hungary, visited Statoil's head office in Stavanger on 24 March.

The two prominent guests were welcomed by children from Statoil's nursery school at the entrance to the group's IB conference and exhibition centre.

Chief executive Harald Norvik stood beside a model of the Troll A platform to wish king and president welcome.

He explained that Statoil had consulted Hungarian specialists before Troll was developed, and they contributed to the group's thinking on production from the type of thin oil zone found in this field.

Monarch and president showed great interest when they were introduced to the hectic pace of an oil trader's life. Trader Lise Gro Ekholdt explained how the first spot cargo from Varg in the North Sea was sold.

"I told them, for instance, that the oil prices had risen by USD 0.20 since yesterday," she reports, and attributes this positive trend to Opec's production cut decision in Vienna this week as well as the latest data on US oil stocks.

In Statoil's visualisation centre, the use of three-dimensional presentations to visualise oil and gas reservoirs was explained by Adolfo Henriquez, director for sub-surface integration in the petroleum technology unit.