Royal opening of petroleum museum

May 20, 1999, 10:00 CEST

The Norwegian Petroleum Museum will be inaugurated by HM King Harald V in Stavanger today, 20 May.

Some 100 guests will attend the official opening ceremony, including Statoil chief executive Harald Norvik. Funding the museum with NOK 7 million, Statoil is the largest industrial sponsor of the 4,900 square metre building erected on the waterfront in the centre of the Norwegian oil capital.

The massive structure built in concrete, steel and glass and placed in part on piles in the sea symbolises the very bedrock rising from the ocean. The museum depicts Norway's 30-year old oil history in text and pictures, and offers visitors a feeling of closeness to the country's oil activity through special effects such as experience rooms and models.

Special adviser Arild Oma Steine of Statoil is vice chairman of the museum's board and was a member of the building committee. He is pleased that the construction of the museum has stayed both within schedule and its NOK 165 million budget. Managing director of the museum, Finn E Krogh, hopes for about 100,000 visitors annually.