Gas find near Norne

June 8, 1999, 14:45 CEST

A gas discovery has been made by Statoil in block 6507/3, 30 kilometres south of its Norne field in the Norwegian Sea.

Found with an exploration well and two sidetracks, this field lies about 170 kilometres off northern Norway and has been provisionally named "C-fangst".

"It's too early to exclude the possibility of finding oil in this structure as well," says Yngve Vassmyr, head of Statoil's exploration office in the northern port of Harstad.

"Further evaluation will clarify that. Secure estimates for the size of a discovery in this area are hard to make because the hydrocarbon contacts vary and detailed mapping of the structures is difficult."

Results from the latest well will be assessed to provide a more accurate estimate of resources in the area.

A progress plan and work programme for further development of the discovery are also due to be established.

Unitised development of C-fangst and BP Amoco's Skarv discovery in a neighbouring block will be assessed, along with utilisation of existing infrastructure in the area.

This includes Statoil's Norne and Heidrun installations as well as the group's planned gas pipeline link from Norne to the Åsgard Transport trunkline being constructed by Statoil.

The discovery well in production licence 159 was drilled by Byford Dolphin, which is now proceeding to Statoil's Yme field in the North Sea to drill production wells.

In addition to operator Statoil, licensees in PL 159 are the state's direct financial interest, Enterprise Oil and Saga Petroleum.