Mongstad turnaround over

June 10, 1999, 10:00 CEST

The Mongstad crude oil refinery operated by Statoil near Bergen is resuming production after 28 days of extensive modifications.

As part of the group's Vestprosess project, the facility has had its annual capacity enlarged from eight to 10 million tonnes and has been adapted to handle lighter types of crude.

A new lining has been installed in the main distillation column, the heart of the refinery, a number of modifications were made to other parts of the facility and piping was altered as required.

In all, some 102,000 hours were worked in various disciplines from 12 May to 8 June.

This wide-ranging programme was pursued under a very tight schedule, reports Nils Bjørn Jordal, vice president for the refinery.

"I'm impressed at the excellent cooperation which has prevailed between the Vestprosess and operations/turnaround organisations at all levels," he comments.

"Overall, I'm satisfied with the modifications and with the maintenance turnaround. We're now coming back on line. Only when the refinery is up and running again will we know how successful this project has been. But everything looks good so far."

The mechanical department at the refinery was responsible for some of the major maintenance operations during the turnaround part of programme.

These activities included inspecting and overhauling seven tanks, eight reactors, nine columns, 22 furnaces, 33 vessels, 45 heat exchangers and almost 60 safety valves.

About 450 people were involved in the actual modification project. Raytheon Engineers & Constructors, based in the Netherlands, served as main contractor.