New paint preferred

July 15, 1999, 10:00 CEST

Statoil has started to use paint containing neither isocyanates nor epoxy on its installations on the Gullfaks and Veslefrikk fields.

The product, called Carboline 2000, requires one coat less than epoxy/polyurethane paint. It is believed that this can reduce the risk of damage to health.

Paint that contains isocyanates is to be phased out and the introduction of Carboline 2000 is part of this process. Statoil also intends to reduce the use of epoxy paint in maintenance work on its land facilities.

Torstein Røssland, head of the technology entity's core group for surface treatment, emphasises that all paint contains components that can damage health.

"But we are working continuously with our contractors to adopt products which are less detrimental to health and the environment," he says.

The paint has been developed in collaboration with suppliers through Statoil's supplier development programme and it will be tested and qualified before further use.