Åsgard Transport laid

August 6, 1999, 10:00 CEST

The final section of Statoil's Åsgard Transport gas trunkline was laid in the Norwegian Sea early on 5 August by the LB 200 laybarge.

This concluding stretch of the submarine line terminates close to the point where the Åsgard B gas floater is due to be installed on the field.

"After a temporary halt last week because of bad weather, laying operations progressed without problems over the past few days," reports Svein Erik Falkeid, project manager for pipelaying in the Åsgard Transport team. "Some fog did not prevent us from reaching our target a couple of days before schedule."

The pipeline will carry rich gas from Åsgard B to the Statoil gas treatment complex at Kårstø north of Stavanger.

LB 200 will now turn east and move a couple of hundred metres in order to lay a 97-kilometre flowline loop which will run from Åsgard B to Midgard and back, reports Mr Falkeid.

Three T joints will be installed in the flowline at Midgard to tie in the three subsea production templates on that field.

Before this laying operation begins, the stinger which carries the pipe over the stern of the barge must be adjusted from the 42-inch diameter of the Åsgard Transport line to the flowline's 20 inches.

That will give the line a tighter curve on its way to the seabed, Mr Falkeid explains.

Plans call for the flowline laying operation to take four weeks.