Cash for health projects

August 10, 1999, 10:00 CEST

NOK 500,000 has been donated by a Statoil research fund to five projects investigating links between working conditions and health.

The programmes will receive NOK 100,000 apiece this year from the group's fund for research in occupational medicine, which has handed out more than NOK 7 million since it was established in 1983.

Its creation reflected a desire to prevent possible occupational accidents and illnesses associated with petrochemical operations.

Particular emphasis is placed on combating cancer, allergies and other conditions caused by oil, oil products and chemicals.

"The research fund is an important element in our basic vision of being in the forefront on health, the environment and safety," says Hans-Jørgen Breder, senior medical officer for the group.

A specialist in occupational medicine, he serves as chair of the fund.

"Through this arrangement, we can help to ensure that important studies are carried out. Their results could lead to specific measures which can enhance basic knowledge in a number of areas."

Among the five projects are one being pursued by the section for occupational medicine at the University of Bergen under the leadership of Prof Bente Moen. This work focuses on the possible risk of higher exposure to solvents among older workers and on developing methods for evaluating exposure to such substances.