Production rising on Norne

August 19, 1999, 01:00 CEST

Production from Statoil's Norne field in the Norwegian Sea has hit a temporary peak of 167,930 barrels per day, with plateau output due by the end of the year.

Daily production will then be roughly 220,000 barrels, reports operations vice president Hans Eidissen.

Since Norne came on stream in November 1997, he adds, its eight wells have yielded roughly 73 million barrels of oil with a market value of about NOK 7 billion.

Crude from the field is delivered to refineries in Europe and the USA.

A total of 17 wells are due to be drilled on Norne, including 11 oil producers and six for gas and water injection. The drilling programme is set to end in the first quarter of next year.