Veslefrikk restart soon

September 1, 1999, 10:00 CEST

Oil and gas production resumes from Statoil's Veslefrikk field in the North Sea next week.

"We are concerned to achieve a safe and leak-free start-up," says production vice president Roar S Andersen.

The job of upgrading the Veslefrikk B platform at Aker Stord south of Bergen has been complex, he explains.

The semi-submersible processing unit was taken to land earlier in the summer for modifications to handle condensate from Statoil's nearby Huldra development.

A number of repairs were also carried out.

The hoses conducting oil, gas and water from the Veslefrikk A wellhead platform to the B floater were re-connected on 20 August, and systems are now being checked out on both installations.

Before the shut-down in May, Veslefrikk was producing about 50,000 barrels of oil per day.