Backing charity telethon

October 12, 1999, 10:00 CEST

This year's Norwegian charity telethon on 24 October, which will highlight human rights, has Statoil among its principal sponsors.

The TV action is being organised by the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, and the money collected will be donated to Amnesty International.

In addition to a NOK 500,000 contribution from Statoil, the group's unions have also become involved and are urging employees to make donations.

All the money collected will be go to projects around the world which relate to human rights issues.

"I believe it's important that we and other companies actively support this telethon because it shows we're taking a stance on human rights," says Anne Kristin Sydnes, vice president for country risk and issues in International Exploration & Production.

Statoil uses Amnesty International's national reports as an aid in assessing its operations outside Norway, because it wants to have the greatest possible information about conditions in different countries.

Ms Sydnes also emphasises the importance of discussing the role which industry can and should play in relation to human rights.

"I find it very gratifying that the Norwegian Oil & Petrochemical Workers Union (Nopef) and the Statoil Workers Union (Saf) have taken the lead in organising a collection among our employees," she says.

"The unions have heavily involved all along in issues relating to our social responsibility, not least in countries where human rights are being serious breached."