Technology in depth

October 18, 1999, 10:00 CEST

An interactive Tech in Depth section has been launched on Statoil's web site today (18 October) to explain how oil and gas are recovered offshore.

Accessible on the site, this presentation has been structured around the graphical image of a field which resembles Statoil's Åsgard development in the Norwegian Sea.

"The subject has been approached in an educational manner, so that both generalists and specialists can benefit from and enjoy the information," says project manager Tor Hammerstad in the communication and media department.

He explains that users can explore such aspects as installations, reservoirs, processing facilities and seismic survey ships.

Visitors are provided with explanations about the technology used for new oil and gas developments through animations, illustrations, video clips and text.

The primary beneficiaries of Tech in Depth are likely to be people who want brief factual information presented in an interactive manner. But links are also included to longer reports and background articles about the topics discussed.

Tech in Depth is in English only, but the background material has also been provided in Norwegian.

One target for the interactive presentation is students and pupils in secondary schools and colleges of further education. Complicated technology is explained in an easily understandable manner.

Tech in Depth has been developed through a collaboration between Statoil and Norwegian internet specialist Infostream.