Readying Norne for gas

November 5, 1999, 08:00 CET

Work on getting Statoil's Norne field in the Norwegian Sea ready to export gas began this week.

The operation coincides with a turnaround on the production ship which will keep it shut in until 6 November.

Starting gas exports from Norne is intended to ensure optimal production from this field, reports production vice president Hans Eidissen.

He expresses satisfaction with the speedy completion of the shut-down process, and with the efficient way the work now under way is being done.

With 120 people currently on the ship, every berth on board has been filled.

The vessel will be modified to permit the export of up to 1.5 billion cubic metres of gas per year from 1 October 2000, with piping tie-ins in the process area accounting for the bulk of the work.

Once the tie-ins are in place, other construction can proceed in parallel with normal oil production. The necessary electrical outfitting has already been completed.

Installation of the new gas export systems will be completed in two sessions. The second of these, which primarily embraces lifting of equipment, is scheduled to coincide with a turnaround next April.

The gas will be piped through an export line with an annual capacity of roughly four billion cubic metres, running in a loop to tie in with Statoil's Åsgard Transport trunkline.

Other fields in this part of the Norwegian Sea will also be able to connect to this line, which is due to be laid next spring.