Production back to normal

January 10, 2000, 12:30 CET

Oil was loaded from all Statoil's Norwegian offshore installations on 9 January, and every facility will be back to normal production in the course of today (10 January).

A full storm is currently blowing in the North Sea, disrupting offshore loading for a second time. However, all the platforms/ships have storage capacity for at least one day's production.

Waves up to 13 metres high and winds close to hurricane strength created problems last week for shuttle tankers seeking to load oil in the North and Norwegian Seas.

Oil storage on the production facilities filled up, and the Åsgard A ship had to shut down on Thursday while Gullfaks output was cut back sharply.

The Norne ship also ceased production on Saturday and the Statfjord platforms reduced their flow.

Loading has continued without disruption from the Heidrun tension leg platform throughout the stormy weather.

Statoil's fixed installations have nevertheless received the supplies required, reports catering manager Harry Ertesvåg.

"Unfavourable weather forecasts prompted us to make such large deliveries to these facilities that they have had enough to eat and drink during the storms."