Ethical code signed

February 22, 2000, 08:00 CET

An undertaking to operate in accordance with the Sullivan principles for business ethics is being signed by Statoil today, 22 February.

Drawn up in 1977 by US priest Leon H Sullivan, the Global Sullivan Principles require companies to promote economic, social and political justice and to support human rights.

These simple standards affirm the right of employees to join unions and enjoy equal opportunities regardless of race or gender, and also cover wages, participation and safety at work.

Johan Nic Vold, Statoil's vice president for international relations and alliances, will sign the principles on behalf of the group in connection with a visit to Norway by Rev Sullivan.

These standards accord fully with Statoil's own guidelines on ethics and human rights, says Mr Vold.

Businesses which have signed the principles so far include Rev Sullivan's own former employer, General Motors, and oil companies Chevron, Canadian Occidental Petroleum, Unocal and Shell Oil.