Step forward with energy

March 9, 2000, 08:00 CET

Two recent contracts have strengthened Statoil's position as a supplier of total energy solutions in Norway.

Exhibition organiser Exporama in Oslo is purchasing power and heat fuelled by biopellets as well as propane and electricity from Statoil for its new showground.

And the Skårertoppen housing association in Lørenskog near Oslo has signed a deal with the group to use heat pumps for space heating.

According to president Arve Mokkelbost, the solution chosen by Exporama offers energy saving and environment-friendliness in line with the fundamental values of its principal shareholder, the Society for the Benefit of Norway.

The Skårertoppen contract reflects a Statoil commitment to heat pumps for supplying heating to industry, institutions and housing associations in Scandinavia. This involvement is being pursued with E-Tek and Normann Energiteknikk.

A heat pump uses electricity to take up two-three times more free heat from its surroundings.

By exploiting energy in the outside air and in ventilation air from its flats, the Skårertoppen association will substantially reduce consumption of heating oil and electricity.

"These contracts to deliver products and heating directly to customers represent an important step towards becoming a total energy supplier," says Per Lindberg, vice president for Nordic energy in Statoil.